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2018 Kwun Tong Exhibition

The 2018 Kwun-Tong exhibition was a fun and successful event. As the exhibition closed on September 28, 2018, Connie wishes to thank all who attended and those who sent their best wishes. She is humbled and grateful to those who shared their thoughts and thank those who appreciate her unique style. The words received are the expressions she believes and hopes are portrayed in her paintings. We wish to share a few thoughts shared to her by others:

“Looking at the painting, one feels very relaxed, very comfortable”

“The painting brings you into the picture”

“Enjoy the softness of the atmosphere”

“Very lasting effect in mind”

“Creates a very pleasing atmosphere”

“Makes you dwell into the painting and don’t want to come out”

“Gives you a modern and light heartening feeling”

“Combines the Chinese painting with lines, ink, water together with water color essence”

“A new modern style”

“Impressed with the lasting effect”

“Very touching environment near, middle and far range of set up”

“Your flowers are so fresh, so real. I seem to smell the fragrance”

“Your flowers are blooming, so lively”

“Your flowers look 3-D, no matter which way I view them and from which angle, they come out of the paper”

“The new paintings on pottery beautifully exemplifies your talent and ability to try new ideas and concepts”

Connie will be celebrating 60 years of painting experience and will host “Blooming in Time” exhibition at the Hong Kong Central Library on November 28-30, 2018. Demonstrations start at 3:00 p.m. and opening ceremony is at 6:00 p.m. November 28, 2018. We look forward to seeing you.

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