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About Connie Shun-Yiu Ho

Connie Shun-Yiu Ho, an international award winning Chinese watercolor painting artist, is celebrating 60 years of artistry. A solo art exhibition was held in November 2018, at the Hong Kong Central Library to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee, where many of her paintings and new pottery were on display and attracted over 1500 people to this two and a half-day show. Some of her best work of art was collected by art lovers. 

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Connie started painting at the age of 12.   Later she studied under famous watercolor Master Kan Mei Tin and then in 1968, the legendary Lingnan Master Yang Sang Sun.  Connie spent many years working in the corporate world but that didn’t stop her from painting. Even flying on the plane, vacationing leisurely on a cruise ship, she painted whenever she can. Upon retiring, in 2006, she decided to pursue her passion and dedicated time in developing her own unique blend of painting using watercolors and ink.

In 1998, Connie held her first exhibition in Hong Kong. The enthusiasm expressed by artists and collectors encouraged her to continue.  Her tenth and most recent solo exhibition in Hong Kong on November 28, 2018 celebrated 60 years of artistry.  To date her work has been displayed at ten solo exhibitions and countless group exhibitions throughout the world including Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, and China. 

Connie has received numerous awards for her paintings, including, Silver and Gold Awards for Hong Kong and Inland China Group Exhibitions, the President’s Award for her “Serenity” painting in 2017 in Japan, and her “Rendezvous” painting was selected for exhibition at the 2017 & 2018 Global Ink Exhibition in Hong Kong.  This year, she received the prestigious “Chinese Ambassador of the People's Republic of China” award for her "Morning Swim" painting in Tokyo, Japan.  

Connie is a member of several art organizations in China and Hong Kong.  She has served as Chairman of Chun Fung Art Club, a major and reputable art club in Hong Kong, Connie is very active in exchanges with Inland China and other countries.  She has organized group exhibits for  club members  in Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and various counties in South China. The next group exhibit is scheduled for June 2019 at the Chinese Cultural Center in Vancouver, BC, Canada.   To date, collectors have purchased over 100 paintings.  Many are on display at libraries, museums, and art institutions.  The four tiger paintings are displayed at ExxonMobil.  

Connie is very passionate about sharing the arts and has taught classes to young students, lectured at the Hong Kong Open University and in 2017, Connie started teaching adult students.   She looks forward to continuing to develop and enhance her artistry in her own unique style in the near future.



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